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Client player interface (in construction)

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Default keyboard bindings:

Not all craft models support every key (for instance, some ships could have no missile-launching capability).
Engine control
Key Action
0 - 9 Set normal engine thrust from 0 (idle) to 9 (100%). Actual speed depends on raw thrust, power settings and damage status
+ Increases normal engine thrust in 5%
- Reduces normal engine thrust in 5%
Weapons control
Key Action
space Fire current selected gun
g Selects next available gun
G Selects previous available gun
Enter Launch currently selected missile
m Selects next available missile
M Selects previous available missile
Key Action
u Targets nearest ship
t Cycles to next available target
T Cycles to previous available target
r Cycle up range of target sensor
R Cycle down range of target sensor
Power management
Key Action
p Increases energy yield to thrust
P Reduces energy yield to thrust
w Increases energy yield to weapon (speed up gun recharge)
W Reduces energy yield to weapons
s Increases energy yield to shields (speed up shield recharge)
S Reduces energy yield to shields
x Cycles shield distribution towards bow
X Cycles shield distribution towards stern
Key Action
F1 Forward internal view
F2 Rearward internal view
Environment and session control
Key Action
v Toggles synthesized vision on/off
j Enables/disables joystick in systems with stick support
Control-R Restart
Control-Q Quit session
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