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Netspace is going to be a multiplayer action game designed as an exercise in networked applications. It is currently implemented in plain C using X Window System graphics. Some auxiliary tools used in development and not essential for gameplay use other languages like Tcl.
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Netspace descends from TeamSim, a demonstration program for the OMNI system for support of distributed applications, and the Astra user interface library. Primary changes from TeamSim include:


Netspace's current implementation follows a simple client-server architecture. All members in a session connect to a Netspace server. Some possible clients are: Currently the server just broadcasts messages. I am not sure if general operations like global collision detection could be moved into the server, improving performance in a faster host.

As good, credible "artificial intelligence" (hope not offending AI people) is quite hard to implement for non-player characters and Netspace is primarily designed for network play, the only available robot is currently very plain and used for tests only. Since, like several aspects of Netspace, its architecture is fairly simple and open, someone could later add stronger robots.

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