What Once Was New

Dec 24th, 2012 Included maps for Kavrayskiy V and VII projections.
Dec 19th, 2012 Peter Stebel spotted a typo in the cartographical definitions page: one nautical mile corresponds to one minute of arc (') along the Equator, not one second (").
Dec 17th, 2012 Redrawn images and equations for the development of the sinusoidal projection.
Dec 10th, 2012 New page: the mathematical development of the Kavrayskiy VII projection.
Dec 5th, 2012 Fixed a typing mistake which prevented larger versions of the satellite general vertical perspective maps from showing.
Dec 3rd, 2012 Redrawn all images and equations for the development of the Aitoff, Hammer, and Winkel tripel projections, plus a few new maps.
Nov 26th, 2012 Redrawn all images and equations for the development of polar and equatorial azimuthal equidistant and equal-area projections.
Nov 21st, 2012 Redrawn images and equations for the azimuthal orthographic projection. Finally decent diagrams.
Removed main link to obsolete dithered pages (for compatibility, legacy internal links remain)
Nov 12th, 2012 Redrawn all images in the how projections work and Braun's stereographic cylindrical pages; all equations now decently done. Six more "how-to" pages remain to revise, redraw and typeset...
Nov 5th, 2012 At the interrupted sinusoidal section, I had failed to mention the maps by Deetz and Adams. Included one, plus a few additions.
(Teaser only) Also, I noticed I have for a long time neglected the section on how projections work, mainly because it's so tedious integrating mathematics and HTML. Since after all these years easy MathML support still seems a promise, I've implemented a simpler, semi-automated typesetting approach and next week I'll begin rewriting and rediagramming those pages.
Nov 1st, 2012 Accidentally, several of the "previous"/"next" buttons at the Map Projections section had wrong links. Thanks to S.Ansari for reporting the problem.
Oct 29th, 2012 Added new maps to the circles on globe and map section. Started a new page about choices mapmakers must face.
Oct 15th, 2012 Why drawing circles on a map to check whether your airplane can cross the ocean is usually a bad idea.
Oct 8th, 2012 Added Rosén's pseudocylindrical projection.
Oct 1st, 2012 Added the loximuthal projection.
Sep 17th, 2012 Added simple and interrupted versions of the Sinu-Mollweide projection.
Sep 10th, 2012 Added the Nell-Hammer projection.
Sep 3rd, 2012 Got a revised version of Halstead's Composite World projection. Rewrote text for Mollweide's projection.
Aug 28th, 2012 Split the old page for pseudocylindrical projections. New Nell projection. Several links fixed.
Aug 20th, 2012 Further tweaks in image and map showing the polycylindrical/pseudocylindrical concept. Small text changes.
Aug 6th, 2012 Improved image and map showing the polycylindrical/pseudocylindrical concept.
Jul 23rd, 2012 Redone images for imaginary rocket launch illustrating general vertical perspective projections.
Jul 16th, 2012 Added map for William-Olsson's star projection.
Jul 10th, 2012 Slight revisions at the interrupted projections page.
Jul 2nd, 2012 Fully rewritten page on star projections (still must add William-Olsson's map). Added pictures of Penelope's globe, a real globe crafted from a flat interrupted polyconic map.
Jun 28th, 2012 Redrawn star projections by Maurer.
Jun 18th, 2012 New and redrawn conoalactic maps.
Jun 14th, 2012 After a tip by E.Spinielli, fixed link which prevented images from showing in the dithered version of pseudoconic map projections. All URLs in my site containing "Dither" are obsolete and should be replaced by "Normal"; please update your bookmarks.
Jun 11th, 2012 Redrawn maps for Jäger's and Petermann's projections.
Jun 5th, 2012 Redrawn maps for Berghaus's projection.
May 28th, 2012 Map projections: updated notes for the resources page and premodern and pseudocylindrical projections. New fold-out: a truncated icosahedron in higher resolution and flat colors.
May 7th, 2012 New fold-out: a truncated icosahedron in higher resolution with relief data.
Feb 7th, 2012 Project Geek Science is hosting a Romanian translation of my page on perspective cylindrical projections (courtesy of Alexander Ovsov).
Dec 19th, 2011 New images for introduction to interrupted maps.
Dec 12th, 2011 Redrawn Bonne maps.
Dec 5th, 2011 Redrawn Interrupted Werner maps.
Nov 28th, 2011 New or redrawn uninterrupted Stabius-Werner maps.
Nov 21st, 2011 Small changes. Added new Wiechel map.
Nov 7th, 2011 Added alternative forms of Gringorten's projection.
Oct 24th, 2011 Added Gringorten's projection. Some notes elsewhere.
Aug 15th, 2011 Added a few notes, mostly to address popular misconceptions about Mercator's projection.
Jun 30th, 2011 Fixed typo which prevented untilted orthoapsidal map from been shown.
May 30th, 2011 A few fixes and clarifications at the map projection pages.
Jan 31st, 2011 Rescaled images at the angular deformation page, maps much smoother now.
Jan 24th, 2011 A new map and annotations at the angular deformation page.
Fixed some typos; the worst, in the distance distortion page, was noticed by Carl Nordman - 100000 centimeters are not 1000 kilometers!
Jan 10th, 2011 2010 definitely was not a good year for my site. I was unaware that, for several weeks, a server mishap left my pages unavailable. Then, for weeks more a permission issue prevented me from updating them. After that, my daily job conspired to keep me away from them. Let's only hope 2011 will be better.
After a suggestion by Prof.R.Ibáñez, some images were redone in the map definitions and azimuthal projections pages. Text revised in those pages and elsewhere.
Aug 30th, 2010 New interrupted globular map. Added references to J.J.van Wijk's myriahedral projections.
Aug 2nd, 2010 Prompted by questions and suggestions by David Cary, started several corrections and clarifications. Redrawn map for Xarax's projection.
Jun 15th, 2010 Redrawn map for Bartholomew's tetrahedral projection.
Mar 1st, 2010 I'm sorry, time for updating my pages is scarce. Just got some new photographs of folded pseudoglobes.
Jan 25th, 2010 Updated picture for Leonardo da Vinci's octant map.
Dec 21st, 2009 Added some origami pictures.
Oct 19th, 2009 Started an overdue revision of the page on basic cartographic definitions; also, fixed an imprecision about solstices.
Oct 5th, 2009 Three new dodecahedral pseudoglobes
Sep 28th, 2009 Two new icosahedral pseudoglobes
Sep 21st, 2009 Revised text and replaced image for projections on a dodecahedron.
Sep 14th, 2009 Another variation of Tissot's local projection.
Sep 7th, 2009 Another cartographic curiosity: a bowtie map.
Aug 31st, 2009 Added Snyder's "hourglass" projection - if you can find a use for it, just tell me.
Aug 24th, 2009 Added Tobler's projection for local maps.
Aug 17th, 2009 Finally added some new cut/fold/assemble polyhedral pseudoglobes, this time in better resolution: three new icosahedral maps.
Aug 10th, 2009 Fixed description of Waterman's polyhedron. Added orthographic maps for easier visualization at the pages of oblique projections and azimuthal equidistant projection.
Aug 3rd, 2009 Replaced maps for Waterman's projection. Added a comparison diagram for icosahedral maps.
Jul 27th, 2009 Another week, another projection: Fisher/Snyder's equal-area design for the icosahedron and other polyhedra.
Jul 20th, 2009 Added Fuller's Dymaxion™ map on an icosahedron. New angular deformation patterns.
Jul 13th, 2009 Broke apart the old polyhedral maps page, which was too big and unwieldy. New maps on a cuboctahedron, including Fuller's first Dymaxion™.
Jul 6th, 2009 Map projection pages: added another projection by Kent Halstead.
I'm still implementing some new projections.
Jun 29th, 2009 Map projection pages: some simple revisions at the azimuthal section; Redrawn and enhanced all maps for the oblique projections section. Hopefully next time I'll include one or two long-expected new projections...
Jun 22nd, 2009 After a long intermission, maybe I'll get some free time from work and resume updating my cartography pages. For now, like a tired jogger, I must restart slowly - just revise the maps for interrupted Mollweide maps.
Mar 17th, 2009 This is not a proper announcement. Due to job pressures, I've been unable to update my site in the previous months. Furthermore, I'll be without Internet access for about two or three weeks. If you have requested something and haven't heard of me, please repeat your contact in three weeks; sorry for the inconvenience.
Feb 25th, 2009 Substituted better maps at the "other interesting projections" page.
Jan 26th, 2009 Improved most images at the perspective cylindrical projections page.
Jan 19th, 2009 New or improved images at the cylindrical projections page.
Jan 11th, 2009 Add maps to the page for angular deformation patterns. In the cylindrical projections page, fixed old typo regarding Gall's orthographic and isographic projections.
Dec 28th, 2008 A whole new page for angular deformation patterns
Dec 22th, 2008 Improved maps for van de Grinten projections; added missing van der Grinten's II projection.
Dec 15th, 2008 Revised all images with Tissot's indicatrices, and added three new maps. Finally completed text revision - almost nothing remains of the previous version.
At the projections summary page, I had inadvertently left out copyright notices for images I received from Xarax, Waterman and Halstead - sorry.
Dec 9th, 2008 Revised Mercator maps with Tissot's indicatrices; beginning revision of text.
Dec 1st, 2008 Trivial revision in text and two images at the page with definitions for map projections.
Nov 26th, 2008 Added a paragraph and fixed a broken image link at the loxodrome page.
Nov 24th, 2008 Map projections: new and enhanced maps for the Tissot's indicatrices page (text shall be revised in the future).
Nov 17th, 2008 Map projections: new Wiechel projection. Small revisions elsewhere.
Nov 10th, 2008 Map projections: small text revisions; two new maps for the loxodrome (preserving directions) page.
Nov 6th, 2008 Map projections: fixed issue which prevented some browsers from showing large maps in new windows.
Nov 3rd, 2008 Updated all maps in the modified azimuthal projections page.
Oct 30th, 2008 Fixed some numbers in the azimuthal projections page.
Oct 29th, 2008 Map projections: slight fixes at the pages for projections for navigators and the distance distortions.
Oct 27th, 2008 Map projections: revised text and enhanced maps in the page for projections for navigators and the introductory page. Trivial editions elsewhere.
Oct 20th, 2008 Map projections: revised text and enhanced all images in the page for distances and scales.
Oct 13th, 2008 Map projections: completely rewritten page for loxodromes, with improved graphics.
Oct 7th, 2008 Replaced almost all maps in the premodern projections section with better or larger versions.
Sep 29th, 2008 In the map projections section, almost completely rewrote the geodesic page: all images improved or replaced.
Sep 17th, 2008 Fixed size error when opening larger maps in separate windows in some browsers.
Sep 16th, 2008 Interrupted map projections page: quick text revision.
Also, fixed image links in dithered versions of pages updated in August and September; from now on, those pages are considered obsolete (please don't link to them or to any other "dither" pages) but for some time will display exactly like the normal versions.
Sep 15th, 2008 No new projections yet, just improved maps and diagrams in first page of section about interrupted map projections
Sep 2nd, 2008 Optimized size of images in recently updated sections for pseudocylindrical and azimuthal projections
Sep 1st, 2008 Improved all diagrams and maps in the pseudocylindrical projections pages.
Aug 25th, 2008 The map projection section now includes the general vertical perspective projection.
Aug 12th, 2008 My daily job does not currently leave me much free time but, after much procrastination, I decided rewriting my mapping software from scratch; at present it's far from complete, though quite usable. From now on I plan to:
  • replace all outline maps in my map projection pages
  • add a new feature: click on maps to get a larger version
  • remove the dithered version. It's unfortunate, but I must make up for the added disk space, and I guess very few people at present still need dithered images
These changes are already applied in the azimuthal projection section, and I intend to progressively update all other sections. That page was also split in two, since I expect to expand its contents.
Mar 22th, 2008 Trivial additions to the map projection pages, including a diagram comparing cylindrical projections. Also fixed or added some links.
Mar 3rd, 2008 Redraw figures and expand text for defining equal-area projections. Fixed characterization and moved Lee's map on a tetrahedron to the polyhedral maps section.
Feb 25th, 2008 Slightly expand text about Mollweide's projection. Redraw its ordinary and interrupted maps.
Feb 20th, 2008 Added two Quadrilaterized Spherical Cube projections to the section on polyhedral projections. Trivial changes elsewhere.
Jan 28th, 2008 Added Kent Halstead's equidistant interrupted projection. Also, yet another equal-area cylindrical projection, this time a square one.
Jan 24th, 2008 Added normal and polyhedral examples of HEALPix map projections. Also, redrawn uninterrupted Goode and Boggs projections.
Jan 14th, 2008 Added example maps and a small discussion on major and minor projection properties.
Dec 17th, 2007 Revised text for the section on perspective cylindrical projections.
Dec 3rd, 2007 New cubic maps and some text revised at the polyhedral maps section.
Feb 13th, 2007 Trivial updates to the introduction to cartography and origami pages.
Nov 16th, 2006 Added or updated links in the cartography resources page. (sorry, I'm still dealing with delayed jobs and e-mail)
Nov 1st, 2006 For personal reasons, I've been out of reach for the last 30 or so days, and still won't be regularly online for some time. If you have tried to contact me, please have some patience, or try again in a few days. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
Oct 7th, 2006 Fixed a typo and added a few details to the section on orthoapsidal maps. Improved a few other maps.
Sep 4th, 2006 Redrawn orthoapsidal maps. Slight revisions elsewhere.
Aug 24th, 2006 Revised and expanded comparison of equal-area cylindrical projections. New central cylindrical projection.
Aug 7th, 2006 A new aspect of Peirce's quincuncial map.
Jul 31st, 2006 Trivial notes on graticule properties.
Jul 10th, 2006 Small updates.
Jun 26th, 2006 New or improved Eckert and Winkel I maps. Several small enhancements.
March 27th, 2006 Three more cubic world maps.
March 20th, 2006 Two new cubic world maps.
March 6th, 2006 Several small improvements at the map projection section.
February 20th, 2006 Improved interrupted Goode and Boggs maps.
January 30th, 2006 New cubic pseudoglobe.
November 4th, 2005 Fix silly typo at polyhedral map section.
October 31st, 2005 Added S.Waterman's projection to the polyhedral map page. Updated the link page.
September 9th, 2005 Revised diagrams for Noboru Miyajima's origami bat.
September 1st, 2005 Added diagrams for Noboru Miyajima's bat to origami section.
August 22nd, 2005 Trivial updates.
August 15th, 2005 Updated some URLs and other data at the polypolyhedral origami and origami bibliography pages. Improved text at the conformal map projections page. Fixed slip misidentifying zones of UTM grid.
July 18th, 2005 Enhanced text and a few maps (Atlantis, Hammer Oceanic) at the oblique map projections section.
June 6th, 2005 Improved some graphics at the map definitions and interrupted projections sections.
May 9th, 2005 A quick comparison of equal-area cylindrical maps.
April 4th, 2005 Revised all PDF maps. New conformal tetrahedral map.
March 9th, 2005 New cuboctahedral maps.
I'll be absent for a while. If you write me, don't expect answers before April.
March 3rd, 2005 Fixed missing links to images in the dithered versions of pseudocylindrical and conformal map projections pages. Actually I'm considering altogether dropping the dithered versions.
February 25th, 2005 Add new conformal map projections by Lee, Adams and Xarax.
February 16th, 2005 Add a few more pictures of assembled polyhedral maps.

A few days ago I received an e-mail from Alex Lidman, but something is blocking my attempts to answer it. If you read this, Mr. Lidman, please excuse me.

February 9th, 2005 New conformal projections by Peirce, August and Adams. Simple additions elsewhere.
January 27th, 2005 Beginnings of a new page on conformal projections. New Spilhaus map. Several fixes elsewhere.
December 27th, 2004 New tetrahedral maps. Trivial fixes elsewhere.
October 13th, 2004 Small clarifications at the map definitions page.
September 13th, 2004 Slightly improved text for map definitions, map properties and premodern projections.
Fixed PDF maps, previously inaccessible from dithered version of polyhedral projections page.
July 5th, 2004 Purely cosmetic changes.
Corrected mistaken coordinate origin in description of UTM system, pointed by Dick Jarrell.
June 30th, 2004 Small fixes at the page for pseudocylindrical projections.
June 24th, 2004 New polyhedral maps on a truncated octahedron.
June 16th, 2004 Revised text for Mercator projection; added description of UTM grid system.
June 7th, 2004 New and revised polyhedral maps.
May 31st, 2004 Improved text for map concepts and perspective cylindrical projections. New dodecahedral maps.
May 26th, 2004 New star-like map projections: Jäger's and Petermann's. A few small enhancements elsewhere.
May 18th, 2004 New high-resolution octahedral maps; small enhancements to several map projection pages, including the "polycylindrical" concept.
May 6th, 2004 A few more high-resolution PDF files: rhombicuboctahedral maps.
May 4th, 2004 Redraw some high-resolution PDF files for cubic and icosahedral maps.
April 28th, 2004 Another method for PDF conversion looks promising. If confirmed effective, I will redraw maps already published.
April 27th, 2004 A long-delayed enhancement: polyhedral maps in higher resolutions in PDF for printing. Started with some icosahedral gnomonic maps.
PDF files are nearly universal and, when printed, can be easily adjusted to the paper's size. Unfortunately, the PDF generator I use is apparently using a lossy algorithm when importing the original art, therefore the printed resolution is lower than expected: maps are somewhat fuzzy, especially at sharp edges. At present I have no solution for this problem.
February 19th, 2004 Slightly edited page for conic projections, including new map for Braun's stereographic conic.
January 22nd, 2004 Fixed accidentally deleted equations for Braun's stereographic cylindrical projection; revised text and maps for azimuthal equidistant projection. Added link to Buckminster Fuller Institute.
January 14th, 2004 Several small revisions to the map projection pages. Added brief comments to the bibliography.
December 29th, 2003 Added brief mention of Leonardo da Vinci's octant map; trivial revisions.
October 29th, 2003 Revised text for introduction to interrupted projections; add interrupted polyconic map. Updated conformal conic map. Revised text on map scale.
October 3rd, 2003 Trivial revision at the azimuthal projections page.
October 2nd, 2003 Simple text revisions (mainly for azimuthal projections); redraw a few maps and diagrams (mapping functions, Arden-Close projections).
August 4st, 2003 Still rewriting the conic projections section, new diagrams and projections for the polyconic subsection.
Simple updates elsewhere.
July 21st, 2003 Still rewriting the conic projections section, now added Lambert's conformal conic.
Trivial editions elsewhere.
July 14th, 2003 Begin long due rewriting of page for conic projections.
Also, trivial editions at the mapping concepts and projection summary pages.
July 8th, 2003 Originally, foldouts for polyhedral pseudoglobes had all gluing tabs dovetailed for a more precise alignment; however, that made closing the last face rather difficult. Redrawn all foldouts with a slightly different arrangement leaving one face with no tabs, so it is much easier to paste. Also, fixed a few missing features, especially in dodecahedral maps.
Other small fixes at the map projection section: more precise definitions, slight editions at the perspective cylindrical and premodern projections.
June 25th, 2003 Revise and expand introduction to mapping concepts; add a "Lagrange" map to discussion of conformal maps. New illustration for interrupted maps.
After a suggestion by Elise Taylor, added crease patterns for the Haga-Kasahara origami cube using the same "globe" pattern for Montroll's cube.
Trivial fixes elsewhere.
May 5th, 2003 Trivial editions at the recentering and cropping section. Added link to Thoki Yenn's diagrams of Fujimoto's cube.
April 28th, 2003 Added three sample maps illustrating recentering and cropping. Rearranged items for the origami section.
April 17th, 2003 New root page for the origami section; diagrams for one of Kawasaki's roses; new preprinted pattern for folding a cubic globe (model by John Montroll).
April 1st, 2003 New star projection; trivial revisions. Fixed link in cartography resources page.
February 24th, 2003 New "tetrahedral" projection; slight revisions elsewhere.
February 12th, 2003 Revised text and images for pseudoconic projections, added two projections.
January 31st, 2003 New diagram at introduction to azimuthal projections. New diagram for the mapping definitions. Several small improvements elsewhere.
January 24th, 2003 Fixed missing diagram for introduction to azimuthal projections.
January 21st, 2003 All new text and diagrams for the introduction to azimuthal projections.
January 13th, 2003 Added Robinson and Eckert VI projections. Several other small enhancements.
December 23th, 2002 New hemispheric maps for the azimuthal equal-area map projection. Small changes elsewhere.
December 17th, 2002 Fixed denied access to new mapping concepts page.
December 16th, 2002 Split the page on cartographical concepts: all new text and diagrams for mapping concepts.
December 5th, 2002 Fixed silly typing error: cylindrical map projections are distinguished by spacing of parallels, not meridians.
November 25th, 2002 Almost completely rewrote the section on cylindrical map projections; some issues clarified, some inconsistencies fixed.
November 13th, 2002 I'm quite busy, but added a new virtual origami model: K2 by Robert J. Lang.
September 23rd, 2002 Many small clarifications and additions to the map projection pages.
September 16th, 2002 New projection by Arden-Close; new map for migration paths; small revisions elsewhere.
September 6th, 2002 Map projection pages moved to new directory.
August 29th, 2002 Server www.ahand.unicamp.br offline since at least one month ago. Move page to www.progonos.com.
July 30th, 2002 Very small revisions.
July 1st, 2002 New Wagner IX and Eckert-Greifendorff projections. Slight revisions.
June 24th, 2002 Small revisions at the map projection pages. New orthoapsidal projection.
June 17th, 2002 Several slight clarifications at the map projection pages; fixed link to MicroCAM.
Having serious e-mail problems lately; added a new address.
April 3rd, 2002 I'm back to the connected world, and more than a bit busy...
March 7th, 2002 I'll be out of reach of the Internet for a few weeks. Expect no updates this month.
February 14th, 2002 Slight revision and reorganization of the map projections pages. New pseudoglobes on a cuboctahedron.
February 4th, 2002 New pseudoglobes on a truncated icosahedron.
January 31st, 2002 Just a new image for the modular origami page.
January 23rd, 2002 Added a few helpful links for viewing the VRML modular models
January 22nd, 2002 New dodecahedral maps, also in printable versions for pseudoglobes. A new polyhedron is coming soon.
Created page for VRML versions of origami models by Tom Hull and Robert J. Lang.
Moved old page on maps and origami to new location.
January 8th, 2002 New maps on an icosahedron; also printable versions.
December 27th, 2001 Just slight additions, I'm a bit busy rewriting my mapping software.
November 20th, 2001 Split unwieldy page on interrupted maps; new sub-page on interruption techniques. Slight revisions.
November 6th, 2001 New experimental fold-out map: simple color with topographic relief
October 23rd, 2001 Minor revisions for the map projections pages
October 22nd, 2001 Edited the oblique map projections page, added the Atlantis and Hammer Oceanic maps.
New globular map by Maurer
October 16th, 2001 Slight revisions. Fixed pathname error which prevented some browsers (like Netscape 4 for Macintosh) from viewing the map fold-out pages.
October 15th, 2001 New pseudoglobe on a truncated octahedron, suggested by a (more sophisticated) design by Steve Waterman (also fixed this link in my resources page).
A few minor additions and revisions.
October 1st, 2001 New tetrahedral pseudoglobes at the fold-out section.
Split pages: pseudoconic projections, modified azimuthal projections and other projections.
New Van der Grinten III and IV projections.
Minor revisions, a few links fixed.
September 21st, 2001 Revised some political borders in fold-out maps.
September 20th, 2001 Slight revision.
September 18th, 2001 New or redesigned fold-outs of polyhedral maps.
Small revisions and additions to other pages.
August 27th, 2001 Revising some text, links and directory permissions.
August 21st, 2001 For the map projection pages: small revisions in text, new set of navigation buttons (top and bottom), added some image attributes, restored Greek characters as images in alternative pages (e.g. for Opera users).
August 7th, 2001 Add descriptions to most links in the map projection sections; works at least on Netscape Navigator 6/Mozilla.
August 6th, 2001 Redrawn most maps of the cartographical properties section.  New polyhedral variant of the Collignon projection.  Revised many maps for faster loading.
Text revised and captions added throughout the map projection pages, along with new experimental lay-out.  Unfortunately, some style problems remain: presentation is almost passable in Netscape Navigator 4, acceptable in Internet Explorer 5 and Netscape Navigator 6/Mozilla.
The new files require Unicode support in order to display Greek characters; it works in Netscape 4 (although disrupting styles), Netscape 6/Mozilla and Internet Explorer 5, but fails in Opera 5.
July 31st, 2001 New minor fixes for the map projection sections
July 30th, 2001 Several minor corrections and additions
July 23rd, 2001 New projections: Aitoff and Winkel Tripel; formulas for Hammer, Aitoff, Winkel Tripel and polar and equatorial aspects of two azimuthal projections.
Small corrections elsewhere.
July 18th, 2001 Fixed sequence of links near premodern maps
July 10th, 2001 New page for premodern (mostly globular) projections.   New pseudocylindrical projections: Collignon and Eckert II.  Small additions and corrections in other cartographical pages.
June 26th, 2001 Improved diagrams and better text at the basic definitions and properties for cartographical projections
June 18th, 2001 Fixed coordinate error in Berghaus map; added conoalactic projection.
June 11th, 2001 Updated text on polyhedral projections. For paper globe lovers, added rhombicuboctahedral maps.
May 9th, 2001 Forgot to apply latest update to dithered version - fixed.
May 7th, 2001 A few additions to the polyhedral projections page, including a textured butterfly map.
May 2nd, 2001 Add a VRML model of the FIT.
Apr 25th, 2001 Temporarily hosting videos of Tom Hull's FIT model as an aid to paperfolders
Apr 9th, 2001 Small additions; added maps presenting unequal scale
Apr 6th, 2001 Again, many small fixes.
Apr 5th, 2001 Many small additions and fixes for the map projection pages.
Update: dithered version fixed as well.
Apr 2nd, 2001 Added armadillo projection and heavenly maps
Mar 30th, 2001 New page on map projection applications
Jan 29th, 2001 Minor fixes.
Dec 1st, 2000 By mistake, the recent updates hadn't been applied to some of the dithered versions of the map projection pages.
Nov 21st, 2000 Revised diagrams for distortion patterns
Nov 13th, 2000 After a long pause, resumed updating the map projections section. Revised diagrams and newly-scaled maps for the stereographic and orthographic cylindrical projections.
New telephone prefix.
Feb 29th, 2000 Added Winkel I and II projections and respective formulas. Small fixes elsewhere.
Feb 23rd, 2000 Fixed some broken links in the cartography section
Nov 8th, 1999 Burned all .GIF files, fixed a few links
Oct 13th, 1999 Finally revised the how-projections-work page: now include actual derivation of formulae for a few projections
Sep 22nd, 1999 Small fixes. New Lambert conic projection
Sep 21st, 1999 New Braun conic stereographic projection
Sep 15th, 1999 All HTML files checked; fixed old missing link in the polyhedral map section
Sep 2nd, 1999 Checking HTML files: cleaning syntax and a few links
Jun 14th, 1999 Small fixes and additions throughout map projection pages, including continuous and interrupted Boggs eumorphic maps. Beginning with Bonne projection. Enhanced map summary.
Apr 5th, 1999 Some additions to the map projection pages. New Eckert V projection.
Mar 15th, 1999 Small additions to the map projection pages.
New or improved interrupted maps. Beginning new page on maps and origami.
Feb 17th, 1999 Reorganized whole map projection section. Now most color maps in two versions, dithered and undithered so the user can choose loading speed vs. color loss. Next time you visit please be sure to start here. Note: from now onwards quick references in this page point to the undithered (quicker load, perhaps false colors) version.
Most maps redone with more detailed graticules and much more uniform color schemes.
At last started a page on polyhedral maps. Cut and fold a world-in-a-box.
Feb 12th, 1999 Fix another embarrassing mistake, equal-area cylindrical and equidistant cylindrical previously mismatched in projection summary.
Much improved conventional and interrupted homolosine maps.
Feb 11th, 1999 Fixed gross old typing error about van der Grinten's projection - comparing it with Hammer's instead of Werner's. Coming big changes in the map projection section.
Feb 2nd, 1999 Sorry, small mistakes fixed
Feb 1st, 1999 Many, many small fixes and additions throughout the map projection section. A lot of internal cross-referencing. Also, add star projections by Berghaus and Maurer and Briesemeister's oblique projection. Now most maps in WWW-optimized palette dithered format. Undithered images usually awfully colored in 8-bpp displays, while dithered images have larger files and look cheap and ugly in better hardware. Sorry, that's a hard decision.
Jan 25th, 1999 Several additions to the cartography section. Most projections dated. New diagrams and maps for azimuthal projections. Introducing Lambert's equal-area azimuthal maps. Some comments on a bad choice of projections. At last added new conical maps.
Aug 27th, 1998 Minor corrections. New page for Tissot's indicatrix. New Mercator map.
Aug 23rd, 1998 Revising lay-out of map projection  pages; begin changing map colors (8bpp-friendly); unfortunately, dithered files are much longer and look ugly in 16bpp.
Apr 16th, 1998 Minor corrections, new double Werner and Mollweide maps.
Apr 9th, 1998 Minor corrections
Mar 2nd, 1998 New phone number, 55(19)289-4685
Jan 11th, 1998 New map definitions
Jan 5th, 1998 Revising projection pages. Beginning of links page.
Dec 19th, 1997 Started pages for interrupted and conical projections.
Dec 18th, 1997 Added a  summary of map projections
Dec 10th, 1997 Finally started revising the map projections page. First create new pages for basic definitions and map properties.
Jan 19th, 1997 New pages on how map projections work, oblique projections, specialized projections.
Jan 16th, 1997 Writing Netspace tools description.
Jan 10th, 1997 Installed preliminary pages in A-HAND site. New cartography page.
Dec 26th, 1996 After a long delay start writing my home page

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