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While reading the cartographical projection section, if maps are presented with strange colors, please begin your visit at this page.
Aug 05th, 2018 Additional format fixes, mainly for printing. Also, crisper math equations.
Jun 24th, 2018 Further fixes for smaller screens.
Jun 16th, 2018 Finally added some support to devices with smaller screens.
May 28th, 2018 Robert Schmunk kindly alerted me that my interpretation of Hans Maurer's globular projections might be wrong. Removed the map until I can find a confirmation (unfortunately I can't afford or understand most primary sources concerning Maurer's work).
April 16th, 2018 Revised or new William-Olsson maps, including (after a suggestion by Nathalie John) a five-lobed variation.
A Swedish translation for the cartographical definitions page, by Weronika Pawlak.
December 17th, 2017 Several corrections across the map projections section.
December 6th, 2017 Trivial fixes.
December 2nd, 2017 Map projections: why did Google Maps choose Mercator's projection?
November 27th, 2017 Small fixes at the map projection pages.
July 31st, 2017 Received courtesy translations of two pages on map projections: introduction and perspective cylindrical projections.
September 21st, 2016 The map projection section on the Mercator projection has been neglected for a long time; added a few notes on the oblique aspect. Arija Liepkalnieti provided a Latvian translation of my short list of quick answers and rants on map projections. Small fixes elsewhere.
May 9th, 2016 Four more cuboctahedral printable pseudoglobes.
May 2nd, 2016 Added printable maps on cuboctahedra.
April 19th, 2016 Icosidodecahedral pseudoglobes: added two maps based on NASA's SUOMI NPP "Night Lights" data.
April 11th, 2016 Clarified ambiguous sentences about conic projections. Redrawn conformal maps by O.S.Adams in a square.
April 28th, 2015 Redrawn maps for Guyou's projection.
April 20th, 2015 Revised the summary of map projections.
March 30th, 2015 Added a comparison of star projections. Trivial corrections elsewhere.
December 15th, 2014 New pseudoglobes on an icosidodecahedron.
October 30th, 2014 Added a short list of quick answers and personal rants about map projections.
September 29th, 2014 Sorry, still little time for updates. New higher-resolution cubic pseudoglobes to cut, fold and build.
August 4th, 2014 For the past two months, I was almost every day assigned to an office at another town, which meant almost no Internet access — sorry for the late updates.
Added another icosahedral map, based on J.J.van Wijk's paper on myriahedral projections.
July 21st, 2014 After a long delay, added new octahedral pseudoglobes you can print and build yourself.
June 2nd, 2014 Polyhedral projections: added a tiled version of Lee's conformal projection on a tetrahedron.
May 26th, 2014 Resumed redrawing old conformal maps: today updated August's and Eisenlohr's projections.
May 13th, 2014 Two of the recent rhombic dodecahedral maps based on Blue Marble textures had an extra blank page, fixed now. Redrawn Peirce quincuncial maps. Fixed one of the equations for the equidistant cylindrical projection.
Apr 28th, 2014 Added maps on rhombic dodecahedra. Fold your own pseudoglobe!
Apr 14th, 2014 Added the azimuthal projections by Ginzburg.
Mar 31st, 2014 Orthoapsidal maps based on ellipsoids: new and revised text and maps.
Mar 17th, 2014 New and revised Armadillo maps.
Mar 5th, 2014 Added a few notes on the Gilbert double-world conformal projection and DeLucia/Snyder's orthographic flat version.
Feb 24th, 2014 New and revised maps for the "Lagrange" projection.
Feb 17th, 2014 Revised the introduction to conformal projections.
Jan 29th, 2014 Moved the conoalactic projection to a more adequate page; added Schjerning's VI projection.
Jan 20th, 2014 Added Foucault's stereographic equivalent projection; improved the description of the quartic authalic projection, and added an interrupted version.
Jan 06th, 2014 Another interrupted conic map.
Dec 27th, 2013 Fixed a permission mismatch which had left the latest rhombicuboctahedral pseudoglobes inaccessible.
Dec 23rd, 2013 A new page, about interrupted and compound conic maps — it's just the beginning, I think.
Dec 16th, 2013 Map projections: added a mini-section on trivial interruptions.
Dec 9th, 2013 Revised the text and replaced maps for the section on the equidistant conic projection.
Dec 2nd, 2013 Cylindrical projections: redrawn diagrams and several maps at the introduction and perspective projection sections. Small revisions elsewhere.
Nov 26th, 2013 Small revisions and new perspective cylindrical map. Generalized equations for Braun's stereographic projection.
Nov 18th, 2013 Three new maps at the loxodrome page; all other images sharper. Small fixes elsewhere.
Nov 11th, 2013 Appended two comparative maps and a few notes to the polyconic projection section.
Nov 4th, 2013 Although there is still a lot to revise, improve or add about conic projections, this week I just added a few rhombicuboctahedral map fold-outs.
Oct 29th, 2013 Several revisions at the map projection pages.
Oct 21st, 2013 New and redrawn graphics at the section on polyconic projections.
Oct 14th, 2013 Revised text, redrawn maps for Lambert's conformal conic projection.
Oct 7th, 2013 Revised the summary of map projections; new regional maps for the section on non-perspective conic projections.
Sep 30th, 2013 Non-perspective conic projections: revised text and redrawn maps for equal-area conic projections.
Sep 16th, 2013 Slight fixes at the newly-revised introduction to conic projections and elsewhere.
Sep 02nd, 2013 While planning to (finally) redraw the maps for the conic projections section, I noticed I had until now neglected the introduction and barely mentioned (admittedly obscure today) perspective designs. I wanted to address those issues, but unfortunately had to split the page, which became too big and unwieldy — now the non-perspective and polyconic sections got their own page each. Unfortunately the split breaks a lot of links, but I hope in the next weeks (months?) to justify the move by enhancing those sections too.
Aug 05th, 2013 Added a section on "flower petals", or Daisy maps.
Jul 29th, 2013 Remaining images in the interruption devices section redone.
Jul 15th, 2013 Improved half the images for the section on interruption devices.
Jun 27th, 2013 Added maps for the second and third Schjerning projections.
Jun 17th, 2013 Added maps for the Schjerning IV and Schjerning V projections.
May 27th, 2013 Redrawn maps at the prologue page for projection properties. Small fixes elsewhere.
Feb 26th, 2013 Fix out-of-date links in the top navigation buttons, which in some cases were missing the most recent "how projections work" pages.
Feb 25th, 2013 Redrawn maps and equations, revised text for the derivation of equidistant cylindrical, Winkel I, extended Apian and Winkel II projections.
Feb 18th, 2013 New and improved diagrams for aspects and projections in the map definitions page
Feb 1st, 2013 Oops, fixed big typo in the section on pseudocylindrical projections: of Kavrayskiy's pseudocylindrical projections, the fifth and sixth are equal-area and based on trigonometric functions, not the fifth and seventh!
Jan 28th, 2013 Almost completely rewrote the mathematical derivation for Mollweide's projection, a 10 years-late update!
Jan 21st, 2013 Added a map for Craster's parabolic projection.
Courtesy of Einar Solbakken, there's a Danish translation of the perspective cylindrical projections page.
Jan 7th, 2013 Included equations for Craster's parabolic projection.

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