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Origami Diagrams

Although many new origami models are designed every day around the world, unfortunately only a small portion becomes known beyond the creator's circle of friends. Since diagramming is a subtle and tedious task, writing an origami book is expensive, so even less models can be reproduced. The Internet is an interesting ground for independent publishers and amateur diagrammers.

Noboru Miyajima's Bat

Noboru Miyajima is a prolific Japanese designer. His origami bat blends elegance, realism and simplicity.
I developed and diagrammed a folding sequence from a crease pattern, which is a rough draft of the main creases. Therefore, I cannot guarantee every detail matches the original model.
This set of diagrams (PDF, 237KB) is published here by permission of Noboru Miyajima. You can see many other models at his site.

Toshikazu Kawasaki's "tubular" rose

This model is similar to Kawasaki's "rose bud", but has a different calyx and a base with leaves folded from a separate sheet. I rediagrammed this model in PNG (pages 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5) and PDF (152 KB) formats.
Rose thumbnail
PDF files require Adobe® Acrobat Reader® 5.0 or a compatible viewer like Xpdf 3.0 or Evince 0.4.0.
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